Ramsey Sheriff Letter to TJB Homes

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Still smiling....(Vicki Swenson)

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Tom & Jason,

It never surprised me that you would build another Extreme Makeover 
home!!  You all at TJB and your extended business family are such 
heroes.  That was such a wonderful episode last night!!  My little 
ones especially loved the Muppets- very cute!!

I am still smiling.  It brought back so many great memories of meeting 
you back in August of 07.  We have never taken you or this house for 
granted.  We know on a daily basis how fortunate we are and we are so 
proud to live in this house.  There is so much to love about this 
house and the one you built in St Paul.  I think my favorite part on 
both homes is the signature TJB address/house number on the front.  
Each time I pass it I smile.  It reminds me of the thousands of people 
who came to our aid to give us a fresh start.  I love it!!

Congratulations on another successful Extreme build and the rallying 
of the St. Paul community.  Your kindness and generous spirit has 
affected so many.  You truly are amazing people.

We miss you guys and feel like there is so much to catch up on.  Like 
two new grandbabies for starters!!

We love you and hope to see you again!!


Vicki, Erik and the kiddos.....

Great article! I just wanted to extend A BIG THANK YOU for you guys for doing it again. I'm personally glad I had a chance to work with the both of you and your team. I had an awesome time with you guys. What a Great Build! I love your style and aggressiveness. You guys set the bar.....


Thank You,
Patrick Judson
Project Manager
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition



Just want take a minute and Thanks You for the fun time I had at the Extreme Makeover.  It was great to see people coming together for a great cause.  I had an experience of life time working with the TJB team the film crew and all of the volunteers that came out to help. During the build I did not see anyone getting upset or mad they just worked together that says a lot for the team that You & Jason put together for the build.


When I got back to work everyone asked me how it was. I said fantastic and I would do it again.  They said from the pictures on the web site it looked like I was having a lot of fun. They all commented on my street cleaning job.


I had fun working with Jason, Justin Rick and you this week. Not many people can say that you built a house with your family in 96hrs.


Thanks for the Great Time




Scott Budzynski | Sr. Technical Analyst

Deluxe Corp

October 12, 2009

Tom Budzynski
Jim Budzynski
Jason Budzynski

On behalf of the City of Saint Paul, Department of Safety and Inspections
I would like to thank you and the entire TJB family for your work on the
Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  It is a rare occasion that we get to work
with an organization as professional and genuinely nice as yours.  Under
the most stressful of building conditions all of you stayed positive and
open to suggestions on how to solve problems that always arise in a
building project.

You all can be proud of not only your product but also your ability to
work together and with all of the others involved in this project.  We
received many inquiries about the quality of your product given the
Extreme conditions.  We have assured all that your product is first rate
and a tribute to the building industry.


Dick Lippert
Deputy Director
Department of Safety and Inspections.

Morris Family Welcome To Your New TJB Home!

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Sandy, Reece & Mychal;


It was our honor to build a new home for your family. I hope this home and Daycare center bring you many happy days and memories!!! You will always be in our thoughts. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns. We will always be there for you.


Congratulations on your new life in a warm and safe TJB home!!!


Jason T Budzynski
TJB HOMES Inc;  Vice President of Operations
TJB Development Company;  Vice President 

JENNA Properties, LLC; Lease Associate
TJB Remodeling & Design, LLC;  Designer
HOMES USA, LLC;   Realtor

Hey TJB Boys! Happy Reveal!

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Hey TJB Boys! Happy Reveal! I heard the house looks awesome. Wish I was
there to say thank you!! Dave and I are in NC. Congrats! -Kim

Exteme Makeover: Home Edition-West Side Extension Project

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The week is officially over.  The West Side Safe Neighborhood Council
would like to send a big "THANK YOU" to the community agencies who
were involved with the Extreme Make Over: Home Edition extension project
over the last week.  From helping with the park cleanups to working on homes
for our needy families, your patience and understanding have been invaluable
as our community underwent a huge transformation over the course of
the last week.

Although it was a long, cold and chaotic week please remember that
six additional West Side families, the Heiti (208 E. Prescott),
Bravo (220 E. Prescott), O'Kane (250 E. Prescott),
Lopez (260 E. Prescott), Lugo (228 E. Baker) and Fournier
(187 E. Baker) families were also helped in addition to the Morris
family. The generosity of TJB Homes Inc., along with the volunteer
coordination efforts by Coldwell  Banker Burnet and the Neighborhood
House made this effort possible.

TJB Inc. secured donations for the lattice repair and yard
clean up at 220 E. Prescott as well as the garage support work
done at 250 E. Prescott.  Valspar and Sherwin Williams stepped up
to the plate to provide paint and painting supplies. Dennis Winge's
Painting Co.provided oversight on the large painting projects for the
family at 260 E. Prescott.  Personal Pride Construction donated
roofing supplies and roofers to oversee the roofing project at 208 E.
Prescott. The GAP-Youth Build program began tackling the paint job at
228 E. Baker.  Volunteers from both 3M and Rasmussen College helped
out with the painting project at 187 E. Baker Street.  A host of other
volunteers including the Girls Scouts of St. Croix Valley (our local
troop out of St. Matthews School) and the Girl Scouts of Wisconsin
stepped up to head the planting and park cleanup projects along side
with REDA, NEDA and WSCO.

Although weather, donations and professional expertise
determined which projects were completed, the WSSNC is
committed to making sure that other families we had initially
identified will get resources to help them find ways to get this much
needed work done on their homes (including the Boys & Girls Club and
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church).  Families were very grateful to participate
in this Extreme Make Over Home Edition"West Side Extension Project"
and are happy with the work that was done on their homes.

Again, thank you for your time and effort in making this project a
success.  Despite the few kinks, we couldn't have done it without you.

(Thank you to any other groups and/or individuals who we may have
unintentionally failed to mention...)

Martha Elena Varela
Executive Director

West Side Safe Neighborhood Council
209 W. Page St.
St.Paul, MN 55107

Hello Tom,

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for what you did with the Extreme Make Over Home Edition.  I was able to volunteer and be a part of it on two occasions and enjoyed helping and being a part of it.  You guys did a great job and made a wonderful difference in the community and the life of the Morris's.

If there is ever anything I can do to help your company or if there are other volunteer endeavors you participate in I would love to volunteer my time.




Sean Wait

Senior Mortgage Planner

(another) An Extreme Thank You!

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Thank you for the experience.  It was great fun and very rewarding.  I am proud to say I was part of the team.  You guys are the Saints.......

Thanks again and if I ever build a house I will definitely come to you!


Sincerely, Debbie Drange 

P.S.  Sorry can't make the "move the bus" event, but the volunteer celebration last evening was very enjoyable and fun to finally  meet the deserving family.  They are going to love the home you built.





Debra B. Drange
Extension Finance and Planning